Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Are you concerned that your child isn’t using enough words?

Most children learn their first word around their first birthday and begin using two words together (such as “more milk”) around 18 months. By 3 years old, most children are speaking in 2-4 words sentences.

Do you have trouble understanding your child’s speech?

If you have concerns that other people do not understand your child’s speech and same-age peers, trust your intuition and consult an SLP! SLPs are highly-trained in identifying which sound errors are expected in typical development and which errors necessitate speech therapy.

Does your child have a unique diagnosis such as autism or childhood apraxia of speech (CAS)?

Our SLP Emily is recognized by Apraxia Kids as having pursued additional training to best treat kids with CAS. Having completed the MeaningfulSpeech course about gestalt language processors, our SLPs are also passionate about the natural language acquisition model for autistic kids who are gestalt language processors.

WHY WAIT? Contact us today to see if your child might need speech therapy!

We offer free introductory phone calls to find out whether or not your child may benefit from speech therapy. If you decide to move forward, we can schedule an in-person evaluation followed by weekly treatment sessions.

Client Testimonials

"Emily and Kalista have both been amazing to work with. My child looks forward to speech therapy every week and is picking up new words daily! I like this place because we are able to go the same time each week and they are super easy going. Kalista is great with my child and makes it fun! That is so important! We have been to other speech therapists in town and their therapy sessions were very “clinical” and not fun for my child. We found the right fit for us. We love Prickly Pear!"

"We could not be more pleased with the care we have received at Prickly Pear Pediatric Therapy and recommend it highly to all our friends. Their expertise, quality of care and remarkable support has made a huge difference in our child's life and for that we will forever be grateful."

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