Frequently Asked Questions

How can occupational therapy help my child’s development?

Occupational therapists (OTs) help people perform optimally in their OCCUPATION. Think of a toddler or child. What is their occupation? Well, it includes eating, drinking, playing, socializing, dressing themselves, toileting… among many other things! The OTs at Prickly Pear Pediatric Therapy specifically specialize in working with autism, ADD, ADHD, fine motor skills, handwriting, gross motor skills, and sensory integration.

Where do you work with your clients?

Our office space is located in the heart of downtown St. George, Utah at 168 North 100 East. Many of our clients live in St. George, but we also see clients from Santa Clara, Ivins, Hurricane, LaVerkin, Cedar City, and Mesquite, Nevada! The best location for each client will be determined on a case-by-case basis, but sessions may be conducted at client homes, in our office setting, at a community location, or virtually via teletherapy.

What role does teletherapy play in your practice?

While teletherapy may not be ideal for many clients, it is a definite option here at Prickly Pear Pediatric Therapy! One of the many “COVID blessings” that came out of the recent pandemic was the growth in innovation and exposure for speech therapy services offered virtually. Our main SLP, Emily Sonzogni, had the privilege of pivoting quickly to continue her work with birth to 3-year-olds while seeing them only virtually for many, many months! With the help of a “green screen,” Emily was able to modify and adapt many therapy activities to continue making immense progress toward clients’ goals.

While we love to be in person with our clients, we have the ability to still utilize teletherapy for a variety of reasons; including when a client or family member is sick, traveling for extended periods of time, or as a way to see a client for quick 15-minute rapid-fire therapy session throughout the week. In addition, teletherapy can be especially beneficial in coaching parents on how to implement strategies at home.

What are the benefits of receiving speech therapy in addition to, or in replacement, of school-based therapy?

In our treatment process, we truly lay out the “red carpet” in terms of the individualized attention and care you will receive. We have much more freedom as private practice therapists than school-based therapists who have to abide by specific evaluation, treatment, and caseload parameters placed upon them. The entire treatment process will be catered to exactly what YOUR child needs and what makes the most sense for YOUR specific situation. This often means that we can make progress towards your child’s goals MUCH faster than school-based therapy. Rather than getting pulled out of important teaching content at school, and potentially in a group therapy setting, your child will receive one-on-one specialized therapy. In addition, you as the parent have the opportunity to observe and even participate in every session at Prickly Pear Pediatric Therapy so that you can carry over the activities at home to make progress even faster.

How do I know for sure if my child needs therapy?

Give us a call! We provide a free 15-minute phone consultation for this reason exactly. As a parent, your job is not to be an expert in every little detail of your child’s life. You are crushing it by simply making it from day to day with your sweet tiny little human! Allow us to utilize our years of education and clinical experience to give you some direction on what the best next steps might be.

Be sure to check out our Instagram page, where we post lots of great resources and information for parents just like you! We strive to produce content that is digestible and informative so that you can learn quick nuggets of truth about speech and language development in the midst of your busy life. 

Do you bill insurance?

We are currently private pay only and do not work directly with insurance companies. We can provide you with a “superbill” that you may submit to your insurance to seek reimbursement for our services. We recommend calling your insurance to see if they cover any therapy services for out-of-network providers.

Can I pay with an health savings account (HSA) card?

Yes! Many of our clients use an HSA card or checkbook to pay for our services.

I’m not sure we can afford it. Any tips for making therapy possible financially?

We understand that raising kids is expensive. And yet we know that you are concerned about your child’s ability to communicate with the world and you want to do whatever you can to help! Here are a few ideas:

1. While we love to get to continue working with clients that we grow to care for and love, our ultimate goal is not to keep you in therapy forever! We understand that therapy expenses add up, and we want to help you get the most “bang for your ‘buck.’” As such, we tailor each child’s treatment schedule to make the most progress as quickly as possible. Sometimes that means that we opt for once-a-month parent coaching sessions where we give you individualized strategies and activities to target your child’s goals. And other times, we shoot for more of an intense approach for 3 months followed by an “off-season” to see if continued therapy is truly warranted. Ultimately, we promise to keep your child’s best interest developmentally (as well as your pocketbook!) in mind and help your child “graduate” from therapy as soon as possible!

2. GRANTS! Did you know there are multiple resources out there just waiting to pay for your child’s necessary therapy expenses? We are so thankful for the generous grants we have worked with, and we would love to share our insight with you about how to access these FREE resources. Message us today so that we can help you access these grants!

3. “Thanks, Biden!” We had a parent recently who lightheartedly said, “we’re getting an extra $550 per month from Biden’s new stimulus plan, which is great – we can just put that directly towards our son’s speech therapy! Thanks, Biden!” All jokes aside, we are thankful for the sacrifices our family’s make to prioritize their children’s communication development and entrusting their therapy progress to Prickly Pear Pediatric Therapy!

I’m an SLP, OT, or PT looking for a job. Are you hiring?

YES! We are always on the lookout for SLPs, PTs, OTs, social media managers, and office assistants who may be a good fit for our practice. If you are interested in joining our fun team and like what you see in Prickly Pear Pediatric Therapy, send us your resume. We would love to chat!

Do you offer “intensives?"

YES! We are passionate about staying up-to-date on the latest research, and there are many emerging studies revealing the efficacy of a more intensive therapy dosage. What does this mean? It means that some research studies have demonstrated that a child makes MORE progress when they attend a high number of treatment sessions during the first 1-2 weeks, followed by less frequent treatment sessions during the following weeks. We have begun to implement this with some clients, and we are so pleased with the results! Contact us today if you are interested in discussing this more.

Do you offer Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy?

While our clinic does not provide ABA therapy, we highly recommend that occupational therapy and speech-language therapy be incorporated into the wholistic treatment plan for your autistic child! If you are unsure if or why therapy from an SLP or OT may be helpful, we would love to offer you a free phone consult directly with our OT or SLPs to explain the research-based results from occupational therapy and speech therapy. 

Client Testimonials

"Emily and Kalista have both been amazing to work with. My child looks forward to speech therapy every week and is picking up new words daily! I like this place because we are able to go the same time each week and they are super easy going. Kalista is great with my child and makes it fun! That is so important! We have been to other speech therapists in town and their therapy sessions were very “clinical” and not fun for my child. We found the right fit for us. We love Prickly Pear!"

"We could not be more pleased with the care we have received at Prickly Pear Pediatric Therapy and recommend it highly to all our friends. Their expertise, quality of care and remarkable support has made a huge difference in our child's life and for that we will forever be grateful."

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